Legal services

Professional assistance in resolving family and inheritance disputes

  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes
  • Representation of interests in court
  • Representations at the enforcement stage of the proceedings
  • Search for missing children, property, heirs
  • Legal support of real estate transactions

Family therapy

A professional assistance in resolving family and matrimonial disputes

  • Legal and psychological support during and after the divorce
  • Premarital counselling including legal matters
  • Marriage counselling


  • A litigator in international family law
  • An expert in law of marriage and family relations
  • A qualified couple and family psychologist
  • Author and performer of affirmations for a full and happy life


Affirmations are a unique info product, which allows you to become the happiest version of yourself. They are meant for individual use only.

Attention! For meditations to have a maximum effect, you need to listen to them first thing in the morning immediately after waking up and right before going to sleep for thirty days straight. My dearest, into every single affirmation I put my precious knowledge, experience and positive energy for you to change your life and become happier than ever! For successful energy transfer, you must purchase every affirmation you listen to.

It is strictly prohibited:
- to use the affirmations purchased by a different person;
- to send the affirmations you purchased to others.

Otherwise, they will have the opposite effect. Remember that the product is beneficial for you only if you pay its value.

Let yourself be happy

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